Mount Bromo comes from the Sanskrit language, Brahma which means the main deity in Hinduism. This mountain is a volcano that is still active today. Mount Bromo is located in East Java, Indonesia. This mountain has an altitude of 2,329 meters above sea level and is in four districts, namely Pasuruan, Probolinggo, Malang, and Lumajang.

Mount Bromo is famous for its natural attractions in East Java. Bromo is an attraction itself because the status of this mountain is still active. Mount Bromo is also included in the area of Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. The bromo shape is linked between the valley and the canyon with the caldera or sea of sand which is about 10 square kilometers wide.

Mount Bromo Route with a Very Beautiful View, Must Try!

Mount Bromo Route with a Very Beautiful View, Must Try!

The journey to Mount Bromo via the west door from the direction of Pasuruan Regency, namely entering from Tosari Village to be able to go to the center of the tourist attraction (sea of ​​sand) is quite heavy because the terrain that must be traveled cannot be passed by ordinary 4-wheeled vehicles. This is because the road decreases from climbing to the sea of ​​sand which is very steep and dangerous, except using a jeep.

This Jeep car is provided by the tourism manager of Mount Bromo. However, many tourists prefer to walk to get to tourist sites. But if we can go through the north door of the direction before entering Probolinggo district, namely in the Tongas area, we will go to the village of Cemoro Lawang before descending to the sea of ​​sand.

This route is not too difficult because the road is not as scenic as passing the Pasuruan route. So that the motorcycle can pass it. But if you want to take lots of photos from the top, then it’s best to use the west lane. But if you want to adventure, then you should look for a route that is rarely passed by tourists. But with adequate preparation and equipment, of course, not to get lost.

Vacationing to Mount Bromo can be said to be very practical if you really like travelers and through the northern route. You can make a visit within 12 hours. The trip can start from 12pm so you will arrive around 3am on the top of Mount Bromo. Where you can rest especially waiting for the time to enjoy the beauty of the sunrise at the top of Bromo. This short and practical program is commonly called surabaya bromo tour package.

How to Enjoy Bromo with Bromo Tour Package . Have you ever considered Bromo as upcoming holiday destination? If you have, you must be overwhelmed by the many choices of Bromo tour package. With each package offering attractive trip, it is rather hard to decide and spend your money on one. Well, worry not. Instead of being confused of choosing the right tour package, why don’t you arrange your own Bromo trip? Especially if you are experienced in backpacking, this will be very fun to escape to Bromo. Here are several things to do around Mount Bromo.

How to Enjoy Bromo with Bromo Tour Package

How to Enjoy Bromo with Bromo Tour Package

Bromo tour package typically offer mainstream places to visit. But if you arrange the trip by yourself, there are many other beautiful places to spot. Let’s mention Mentigen Hill at first. Here, you will witness the magnificent sunrise with different point of view. To reach this place, walk from Cemara Lawang for about 8 km. As the alternative, you can take jeep to reach the location. The other anti-mainstream place to visit is Teletubbies Hill. It is named so because of the beautiful hills that resembles ones in Teletubbies story. To enjoy this spot at its most, it is recommended to avoid dry season. The beautiful green hill will turn into sandy brown hills.

Do you like camping? Then B29 Argosari will be a nice option to go. This is a favorite spot for campers in Bromo. Being the highest peak in the area, B29 Argosari offers amazing natural beauty and fresh atmosphere. With stretch of highland plants, this is surely what you are looking for to escape from the crowd. The last but not least, Bromo Milky Way offers different view to witness. This tourist attraction can be enjoyed at night. Those who love to hunt star cluster photography should come and capture the beauty of Bromo Milky Way. Get yourself prepared for the adventure without bromo tour package .

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